When a passion becomes a hobby that becomes a small American business, that's Cold Creek Flies.

Although I’ve been tying flies for quite a while now, for the past several years I have been tying flies that have sold exclusively through Beaver Creek Fly Shop. This included occasional custom orders for customers at the shop. I have also provided fly tying instruction through classes, at club round tables, and over the counter at the shop for those needing more immediate help. I enjoy tying small orders or just a few flies at a time. I don’t enjoy production tying or sitting down to tie 10’s of dozens of flies all at once, although there are times when I have to to meet demand or keep the bins full at the shop.
My biggest claims to fame are; Tying with my youngest son Trevor. The postcards, letters, and stories from customers who have enjoyed success while fishing my flies. A visit to the shop by the legendary Chuck Kraft who after studying the CK patterns I had tied for the shop, looked at me with a grin saying “these are tied right”. My nervousness was rewarded, and I’ll take that over a trophy or plaque any day.