When a passion becomes a hobby that becomes a small American business. That's Cold Creek Flies.

Welcome to my small Etsy store, and thank you for visiting.

Although I’ve been tying flies for quite a while now, I decided to start tying commercially in 2016. For the first few years I tied flies that sold exclusively through a local fly shop. This included occasional custom orders for customers at the shop. Along with tying, I also provided fly tying instruction one on one, through classes, and at club round tables.

I enjoy tying small orders or just a few flies at a time. I don’t enjoy production tying, or sitting down to tie 10’s of dozens of flies all at once. For this reason I have decided to tie primarily for shops, guide services, and small custom orders for private customers. My Etsy store provides a way for me to have a domain name and email, as well as a way to offer a few flies here and there to the general public. Please feel free to send an email requesting flies to be tied that you see in photos on my Instagram & Facebook pages, or for a fly you may have purchased in the past that's not currently listed.

My biggest claims to fame are the rare moments I'm able get my youngest son Trevor to take an interest in tying, and actually sit down to tie with me. The postcards, letters, photos, and stories from customers who have enjoyed success while fishing my flies are always a wonderful treat, and will never get old. Then one day there was visit to the shop by the legendary Chuck Kraft who after studying the CK patterns I had tied for the shop, looked at me with a grin saying “these are tied right”. My nervousness in that moment was rewarded!