Logo's, flies, and a few random photos from here and there. See a fly you want in the gallery that's not listed in items for sale? Send me an email to check if it's available.

Tenkara Logo

Secondary Logo

Custom Articulated Streamers

Leading a tying session

Kraft's Kreelex Minnows

A day on the upper Savage River

Sexy Waltz Variations

Great Feathers Fly Shop Logo

Raven Jig

Wood Duck Scuds

tenkara flies

Squirmy Worms

Psycho Prince Jig

Peeping Caddis

Biot Jig



Kreinik Minnows

CK Kreelex Minnows

Olive Quill Jig

Custom Articulated Streamer

Mop Flies

Sexy Waltz Jig

Wood Duck Scud

Bwo Jig

tenkara fly